October 31, 2019

Following on from our Annual International Conference in June, we have now released TTRA’s Research Agenda as discussed at that conference. It has been published in an online, open access journal eRTR – click HERE for the paper. It is important that we continue to increase our knowledge based on past research, so we trust that this paper will form the basis of future research projects.

SETTING THE RESEARCH AGENDA: Navigating Shifting Sands- Research in Changing Times

Tourism research conferences come and go, as do many of the ideas generated. In fact, many conferences see the same work repeated rather than built upon. At the 2019 Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) annual international research conference, attempts have been made to move this forward by running two sessions on setting an agenda for future research. As an organisation with a mixed membership with researchers from commercial, government and academic worlds together along with those who use such research, including DMOs, hotels, tour operators and so on, TTRA is well placed to lead such ongoing development. While many areas were discussed, four research priorities have been established to encourage further focused research and encourage true knowledge dissemination.

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