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What is the SPRN LISTSERV?

The State Provincial Research Network (SPRN) LISTSERV stands as TTRA’s generous contribution to the travel industry. Our platform thrives on fostering real-time discussions that resonate with researchers and marketers in state, provincial, and destination travel offices.

Moderators: Dee Ann McKinney, Marlise Taylor, Barbara Okamoto

The State Provincial Research Network (SPRN) LISTSERV is a gift to the travel industry from TTRA.

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Join a dynamic and collaborative community of professionals engaged in tourism research and marketing across local, national, and global levels. Seamlessly participate in meaningful conversations – contact TTRA, and we’ll guide you through the simple process.

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Exclusive Member Advantage: TTRA members gain privileged access to our LISTSERV archives – a valuable resource for tourism research and marketing insights.

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  • Members, log in to your account.
  • Access “LISTSERV Archives” under “Quick Links”.
  • Utilize the search function to navigate through archived conversations.

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