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Join the world’s leading travel and tourism research association. TTRA is the leading advocate for higher standards in travel and tourism-related research, analysis, and marketing.

For over 50 years, TTRA has been the industry’s leader for go-to, evidence-based, global travel and tourism data and analysis.

TTRA unites the best and brightest in the travel and tourism research community.

University academics, professional practitioners, and research experts become members of TTRA to network, collaborate, learn, and ideate with colleagues from across the globe.

Travel and tourism professionals need world-class research to make informed decisions. TTRA is where they find it.

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Awards & Recognition

TTRA is proud to recognize and honor significant accomplishments, exemplary leadership, and commitment to the travel and tourism research community.

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TTRA members build connections with a diverse network of industry leaders and gain valuable insights and knowledge through collaborations and partnerships.

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TTRA provides members with access to the latest industry trends, research, training opportunities, and mentorship programs to help further their professional development.

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"The colleagues and friends I have made along the way are irreplaceable. I would encourage anyone that is new in the travel industry to join TTRA as quickly as possible."

“TTRA membership has its privileges. TTRA is not just an association in which I am a privileged member, it is a community in which I am a privileged resident.”

“Being a member of TTRA has been a vital part of growing my career. I found my first job after graduation through a connection I had made during my first annual conference.”

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TTRA Partners

Our partners share our commitment to advancing the travel and tourism industry through research and insights. They are integral to our events and their contributions are widely recognized by current and past TTRA members. We invite you to connect with these organizations and be a part of our mission to drive progress in the industry.

Partnering with TTRA provides organizations with a unique opportunity to connect with, support, and engage with the travel and tourism research community.

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TTRA is a highly respected and established organization dedicated to advancing the standards of travel and tourism research and analysis. With its focus on excellence, professionalism, quality, and inclusivity, TTRA is the go-to source for professionals in the industry seeking to stay ahead in their field.