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I am very pleased to be chairing the Ideas Fair session at the 2024 Annual TTRA International Conference. For those who have not yet experienced this special event, I provide some general information below. 

Sue Beeton, Ph.D.
2024 Ideas Fair Chair
Victoria, Australia

What exactly is the Ideas Fair?

The popular Ideas Fair is an interactive 60-minute session featuring visual presentations. TTRA is all about travel and tourism research, and the Ideas Fair is an inclusive session where everyone is welcome to participate! We’ve had some exceptional presentations from a wide range of researchers at all stages of their careers, who have found great value in this format of presenting both conceptual and empirical research. Like all other researchers in the academic program, those presenting at the Ideas Fair have the option to publish a short abstract, extended abstract, or full paper in the Conference Proceedings. 

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The benefits of visual presentations

While some have traditionally thought of ‘visual presentations’ simply as posters, they are much more than this, especially at TTRA. At our conference, visual presentations can include a range of media and the focus is placed on the interactions between the presenters and their audience. Those who have taken advantage of this great opportunity to promote their research in a different format have reported that they receive better quality feedback and more meaningful interactions with other researchers than those experienced with more traditional styles of presenting.  Presenting in this format has given me the greatest exposure and most constructive feedback I have received at a conference.

How it works on the day

Arrive an hour early (at 3:30 p.m.) to set up your stand. Each presentation will be assigned a table and a tri-fold display board, which can be used in any way that works best for the presentation. For example, previous presenters have used the table to place physical collateral relevant to the topic (e.g. souvenirs, memorabilia, laptop with a looped image presentation) and the display board for printed materials. It is not unusual to see presenters in costume or performing demonstrations. 

  • The boards are tri-fold, meaning that they have two folds that bend to stand. The dimensions are two 11.8 inches (30 cm) wide side panels with one center section of 23.6 inches (60cm). The height of the board is 35.4 inches (90cm).
  • Access to power will not be available, so ensure that any digital devices (e.g. laptops) are fully charged before the start of the session.
  • The space will be buzzing with some 30-40 presenters along with many people talking (possibly enjoying a glass of wine), so presentations need to be easy to understand and engaging to attract an audience.

Best Visual Presentation Award

Ideas Fair presenters are eligible for the Best Visual Presentation. Below are the assessment criteria that will be applied by an undercover team of judges:

  • Overall visual impact (e.g. clarity, professionalism) – 5 points
  • Wow! factor (e.g. original idea, content, display, or performance) – 5 points
  • Relevance to the conference theme – 5 points
  • Audience engagement – 5 points
  • Relevance of the material presented – 10 points
  • Appropriate and robust research approach/method – 10 points
  • Contribution/ significance to the field (academic/industry) – 10 points
    TOTAL of 50
2023 Ideas Fair participants

What do our Ideas Fair presenters have to say?

The visual presentations at TTRA are a terrific way to share your research with others in a fun social environment. It allows for much more interaction with authors than with more traditional presentations.”

Prof Kathy Andereck, winner of Best Visual Presentation, 2018


In recent years I have presented three papers via a visual presentation mode. This delivery format has provided me with superb feedback … Visual presentations are not an easy option and I believe in many situations are a more effective way to present your research.”

Dr. Kim Williams, Visual Presenter 2014


I had a number of great conversations with other people concerning their experiences with our research topic, which in turn helped me to think about my research and gave me a number of new ideas and possible directions.”

Prof Rick Perdue, Visual Presenter 2014


For authors, the opportunity to connect with other researchers to discuss the paper was greater than in some aural presentation concurrent sessions I have presented at various conferences over the years.”

Prof Geoffrey Crouch, Visual Presenter 2014


The visual research session is an opportunity to really connect with those interested in my research and have meaningful conversations. As more realize the value in this creative media, it gets better every year.”

Prof Statia Elliot, Visual Presenter 2010 & 2014


Do consider presenting your research as a Visual Presentation at TTRA this year. I found it was more fun, generated more meaningful feedback, and resulted in a better publication than the traditional presentation style”.

Prof Pauline Sheldon, Visual Presenter 2006 

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