September 15, 2023

Near Kauai

Say Aloha to Greener Transportation!

Between their 1 million annual visitors and the 10,000 rented cars daily, Kauai’s roadways were becoming more congested. And with limits on expanding roads and highways, the island had to get strategic with their transportation planning.

And so, Kauai turned to Near’s data intelligence platform for real-world insights on residential and tourism travel patterns to answer questions like:

  • Where are the island’s hotspots?
  • Where are common origin and destination points for visitors and residents?
  • How far do tourists typically drive in a day?
  • How do transportation patterns differ depending on time of year?

Using their findings, Kauai was able to reimagine greener alternatives to travel on the island. Read the full story here.

Want to learn more on how Near’s consumer behavior data can help you? Reach out with questions!

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