February 12, 2024

TTRA 2024 Call For Nominations

TTRA 2024 Call For Nominations: Elevate the Future of Travel and Tourism Research

The Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) leads in using strategic research to innovate travel and tourism solutions. These solutions significantly impact people, places, and society. Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion underlines the importance of varied talents and perspectives. Such diversity ensures our board effectively mirrors our global membership.

A Unique Opportunity Awaits

Exciting news – we’re seeking three passionate individuals to join our Board of Directors! This term will run from July 1, 2024, to June 30, 2027. By joining, you will drive TTRA’s mission while living our core values and guiding principles.

We Seek Diverse Backgrounds

  • Chapters: We aim for representation from Hawaii, Central States (CenStates), NorthEast (NETTRA), and Asia Pacific. This ensures all chapters have a voice.
  • Expertise: We welcome nominees from both the vendor sector and academia. This diversity will enrich our board’s governance and insight.

Nominee Requirements:

Candidates should demonstrate:

  • A commitment to TTRA’s mission, showing leadership, community building, and a global outlook.
  • An ability to foster inclusive and collaborative relationships.
  • A minimum of three years of TTRA involvement, aligning with our latest bylaws.
  • Good standing as a TTRA member.

Nomination Process:

We invite qualified candidates to submit a statement of interest. Limit your statement to 500 words. Detail your intentions, experience, skills, and what you bring to TTRA. Please review our guiding principles and values. Include a photo and additional documents that support your candidacy.

Deadline: Friday, March 29, 2024

TTRA is more than just an association. We’re a community committed to leadership, global perspectives, and engaging experiences. Join our Board of Directors to make a significant impact on our mission and the future of travel and tourism research.

We look forward to your contributions and welcoming new team members. Together, we will leave a lasting mark on the travel and tourism industry.

Join Us on This Journey

For questions or more information, please contact us. Let’s work together to advance TTRA as a leading advocate in travel and tourism.

Thank you for your commitment to TTRA and its mission.

Warm regards,

Esra Calvert
TTRA Nominating Committee Chair

About TTRA

The Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the travel and tourism industry through impactful research, education, and collaboration. Comprised of a diverse community of professionals, academics, and industry leaders, TTRA provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering innovation. With a commitment to driving sustainable growth and excellence in travel and tourism, TTRA continually strives to advance insights and best practices, shaping the industry’s future. TTRA members collaborate to advance the strategic use of research to provide leading-edge travel and tourism solutions that create a positive impact on people, places, and society. For more information, visit www.ttra.com

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