December 12, 2023

In a groundbreaking move for the tourism industry, Arrivalist and AirDNA’s recent union has resulted in a game-changing product release: Tourism Insights. Officially launching at the beginning of 2024, this innovative solution is the first of its kind, seamlessly integrating short-term rental data and visitation intelligence. The unveiling of this comprehensive platform marks a new era in understanding traveler movement, campaign attribution, and short-term rental trends, all conveniently accessible under one roof.

Unlock the Power of Short-Term Rental Data

Tourism Insights introduces an interactive dashboard, tailor-made for tourism marketers and researchers, providing cutting-edge short-term rental data powered by AirDNA. This feature offers an unparalleled view of vacation rental performance, future projections, and more. Gone are the days of static reports – the new platform allows for easy access and analysis.

Map Visitor Origins and Optimizing Campaigns

Destination professionals can pinpoint high-spending visitors using Trip Insights, identifying top origins of states, DMAs, and zip codes. This data empowers marketers to tailor campaigns strategically, maximizing their impact based on real-time insights.

Gain Clear Campaign Attribution Insights

Answering community stakeholders’ perennial question, “What have you done for me lately?“, the Campaign Attribution tab will provide DMO leaders with clear insights into their advertising impact. Sync campaigns to identify the most effective channels and media vendors and allow for real-time strategy refinement.

Compare Accommodation Types and Understand Attractions

The Lodging overview enables a side-by-side comparison of hotels, vacation rentals, and visitors staying with friends & family; allowing DMOs to discern which accommodation type draws longer stays and higher revenue. Within the Points of Interest module, gaining insights into city attractions and traveler flow charts offers a unique perspective, allowing destination marketers to promote cross-visitation and highlight key attractions.

Key Product Features and Highlights

  • A simple, visual, and powerful dashboard, consolidating insights for easy access.
  • With date customization, interactive filters, and map views, destination marketing, and tourism pros gain a comprehensive understanding of historical data dating back to 2015. 
  • Automatic report scheduling ensures stakeholders receive relevant information on their preferred cadence. 
  • Pacing and future data are now included in the base package, enhancing the value for all customers.

Tourism Insights represents a significant leap forward for destination marketers, offering a holistic view of a DMO’s total tourism landscape. The new product rollout brings a new level of sophistication to the tourism industry, empowering professionals to make informed decisions and elevate their marketing strategies in 2024 and beyond.

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